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    Full mouth immediate load and challenging hard & soft tissue augmentation

    Course Objectives: To understand long-term hygiene requirements of a fixed prosthesis and there consequences. To understand the patient's perspective on how to choose a removal Prosthesis over a fixed prosthesis. To identify long term complications with Immediate load fixed prosthesis. To demonstrate the Planning , surgical and prosthetic Technique for full arch immediate load. To demonstrate the steps and planning for a double arch immediate load.


    How to Enhance Wound Healing in Implant & Oral Surgery: the use of Aminogam

    This webinar featuring Dr. Daniele Cardaropoli will discuss how wound healing following periodontal and implant surgery is a key moment in order to achieve optimal aesthetic and functional outcomes.


    Improve bone defect repair

    The current long list of available natural and/or synthetic materials and surgical techniques makes the decision-making challenging with regards to what graft materials and surgical approach to use in oral surgery.


    Ridge Preservation, Extration Socket Management

    This webinar with Dr. Michael Glogauer will focus on the current gold standard for preserving alveolar bone at the time of extraction in order to optimize long-term implants therapy success.

    Shifting Paradigms in Oral Soft Tissue Regeneration

    Learn about the increased momentum of using soft tissue grafting procedures at dental implant sites in the last 5 years with Dr. Daniel Thoma.


    Reducing Risks in Implant Therapies

    This webinar with Dr. Ronald Jung will provide a comprehensive overview of the important steps needed to reduce risks from planning to tooth extraction and implant placement with bone regeneration.


    Oral surgery

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