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    LIGHTHOUSE™ Adult Partial Non-Rebreathe Adult Mask w/1 Side Valve +7ft Sure Flow Tubing, 1 U/Pk

    Adult Partial Non-Rebreathing Mask with 1 Side Valve. A transparent mask with soft anatomical form, ideal for long term and edentulous patients. Aluminium nose clip aids in a comfortable fit. A reservoir bag and different one way valve configurations make this available as a partial re-breathing mask.

    LIGHTHOUSE™ Aluminum D Cylinder - 425 Liters, 1 Unit

    This D sized oxygen cylinder features a toggle valve with a regulator connector.

    LIGHTHOUSE™ Aluminum E Cylinder O2 (Tank ONLY), 680 Litres, w/ Toggle, 1 Unit

    The E cylinder is capable of containing 680 Litres of oxygen. The oxygen tank is a high pressure metal cylinder that contains oxygen. This unit is equipped with a toggle on the post to open and close the unit. This eliminates the use of an oxygen tank wrench. Note: This product is a tank only, if you would like to purchase the tank filled, please include “oxygen fill (Click here to buy SKU: 521201000” with your order. 

    LIGHTHOUSE™ Aluminum E Cylinder O2, 680 Litres, 1 Unit

    The E cylinder contains 680 Litres of oxygen. The oxygen tank is a high pressure metal cylinder that contains oxygen. This unit is not equipped with a toggle and requires an oxygen tank wrench to open and close the unit.

    LIGHTHOUSE™ AMG Medical™ Premier Elite Dual Head Steth, Adult, black tubing , 1 U/Pk

    AMG’s Premier Elite Dual Head Stethoscopes provide health practitioners the flexibility to quickly switch from diaphragm to bell in order to clearly distinguish high and low frequencies. The fine tuning of the bell side can be used for detecting auscultation of smaller or extremely thin patients, for examinations involving bruits and intercostal spaces, as well as for observing low frequency sounds. Applying firm pressure to the chestpiece allows you to monitor high frequency and deeper thoracic sounds.

    LIGHTHOUSE™ Amiodarone 50 mg/mL, 1 U/Pk

    Amiodarone HCl injection is indicated for initiation of treatment and prophylaxis of frequently recurring ventricular fibrillation and hemodynamically unstable ventricular tachycardia in patients refractory to other therapy.

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    Emergency Kits & Drugs

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